English Dingo 1
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Follow that carHalloweenA true friend
Half a horseMystery in the cellarGame over
Martin and the wolfScottHugs and horror
Martin and the snowslide
Martin in the lighthouseSkiing deathLove and Hip-hop
Mickey and Simon in troubleThe ghost riderMurder in Hay Town
The black knightThe island of the godsSkeleton town
The black lakeThe monster in the school bagThe fairground of death
The evil neighbourThe old treeThe key to no. 61
The horse showThe slave girlThe magical glasses
The riding holidayThe sweet shop
The skater devilsThe tooth fairy
The white babyVampires in the woods 1
Violet in the graveVampires in the woods 2
Well done FarukVampires in the woods 3
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The big bag mistake
Caves - The lucky accident
Tinkers farm
Tinkers Island
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Koto and the people of the treesThe Long TunnelDonnas story
Spooky skatersThe mysterious islandHachiko
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GoldilocksThe Dog Show